Light Is A Key Factor

When choosing the perfect place for your ceremony, keep in mind that light is a key factor that will greatly influence the mood of the ceremony setting. A time later in the day is ideal for outdoor ceremonies, when the sun is already a lot lower in the sky. This obviously changes throughout the months, so my advice would be to do a quick check on Google and keep in mind when the sun will start to set on your wedding day. More often than not any time between 3-4pm in the summer months and 1-2pm in the Winter and Autumn months.

If your ceremony is outdoors in summer, potentially on a sunny and hot day, make sure you position yourself in a way that you are either completely in shade, back-lit or front lit. This will also affect your guests so it's great to provide some shade too, e.g. with trees or parasols in nude colours. Feel free to ask me beforehand or on site if you are not sure about how to set everything up. Just because a venue has all of ceremonies in the same spot doesn't mean that you have to.

There's nothing worse than the bride in full sun, blinded by the light and the groom in shade. Trust me it matters and it can negatively the look of the photos. Don't be afraid to be different.

Unplugged Ceremony

I would highly recommended an unplugged ceremony. There is nothing worse than trying to get lovely shots of your guests or parents when they have their iphones in front of their faces. Or their hands out in the aisle obscuring the grooms view the bride or even mine.


The moment the bridal party enters the ceremony site is exciting, and while that excitement may lead to a certain hecticness, I urge you to take your time on your way down the aisle. That not only allows you to enjoy your big entrance, but also gives me the opportunity to capture everything going on. Keeping your distance from the person ahead of you is also important so you are not blocking each other out. Quite often when you have gorgeous wee ones involved they never walk as you would expect and this can lead to a pile up. Have a wee run through the day before and allow enough song time. This can always be faded out in the background. Ideally you want your bridesmaids standing at the front of the aisle before you even start walking. Same goes for the first kiss by the way - instead of a peck on the lips, linger a tad longer.

If you can, write your own vows. It is the one time you have to truly poor your hearts out to each other and it really adds some lovely emotion to your day. Plus we love a few tears.


I am all about the confetti, a great way to have a bit of fun walking back down the aile with all of your guests. Generally dried rose pedals is a great way to go but if you are having your ceremony inside or go the allowed the white eco stuff or glittery all the way! If your venue doesn't allow it, try a wee dip and kiss mid way down or have a wee dance. Also remind your bridesmaid to hand back your flower

Generally allow 30min for your ceremony in your schedule.


After The Ceremony

Right after the ceremony is usually when everyone walks up to congratulate you and give you a hug. Many beautiful moments will happen between you and your guests and I will be there to capture them. But that is also why it is important to put a little bit of thought into where you want the congratulations to take place - neither a dark corner of the chapel nor outside in bright sunlight is ideal for photographs. Instead, look for a quiet shaded area with a lot of space for people to line up. This can be great time to poor a champagne tower and get the bubbles flowing. 

Allow 15-20min for hugs and mingling 


family & Group photos

I suggest keeping the list short and sweet. No more than 10-15 groups ideally, Although with large family’s I know this is not always possible. When you start to reach the 20+ your smiles will start to fade.

Start off with the whole wedding and work your way down to smaller groups. Keep in mind older guests who cannot stand for long or children who have short attention spans. 

I like to have an MC or two loud and bossy helpers. Believe me, things will take longer than anticipated. Give the list to someone who might know the wedding guests well so he/she can line up the next group while I start taking photos. This is also a good time to do your close friend groups too.

Please make sure there is a ladder handy and allow 20-30min for family photos.


cocktail hour

If you decided not to have a first look this will be the time we nip away to do some bridal party and couple shots.

Its a good idea to set up some games or entertainment for your guests during this time. 

It's also nice to hang out with your guests for 30 min, chat have a drink and take it all in.

If you have done a first look I like to have 30min before you head into reception and take a few snaps when the light is a little softer. This can include your bridal party if you wish.

Allow 30min to hang out with your guests and 1 hour for your wedding party shoot. Not including driving time to any locations.



This is a good time to think of a few things to keep your guests entertained. Live music can really set the tone of the day.

A few ideas such as setting up lawn games like cornhole, giant Jenga, or bocce ball for guests to enjoy some friendly competition.Provide a photo booth or wall with fun props where guests can take pictures and create memories.

Set up interactive stations like a DIY cocktail bar, a cigar rolling station, or a craft table where guests can make keepsakes, ice creams, candy floss the lists go on. Lastly, make sure there are comfortable seating areas where guests can relax, chat, and socialize.