What to Wear 

I will take quite a few photographs before you put on your wedding dress, so maybe you want to put a little bit of thought into what to wear beforehand. Matching sets, Linen Robes or oversized white shirts can look beautiful in the photographs. Also an outfit that is easy to take off once your hair and makeup is finished.  

The Space 

The getting ready space is important and defines the look and mood of every photo. If you have flexibility, look for a space with big open rooms with lots of windows. Windows are the most important part, soft natural light will make all of the difference and your hair and makeup artist will thank you for it! Also try to keep the space uncluttered, getting rid of any distracting elements.

It’s also important to put some thought into where the groom will get ready, too. All the same things apply. It can be cool to catch the boys in the morning at the barber shops, surfing or chilling in a great space having a drink before they get ready. 

Location & Distance

Please keep in mind the travel distance between all of your locations.  As a rule of thumb try to stay within a 10 min radius as it will save on precious photography time being taken up by travel between preparation locations and your venue. I generally start with bridal prep then head to the groom while the girls are having lunch then head back to the bride for dresses on and portraits. Alternatively you may like to have a second shooter to cover the groom and allow for a more relaxed morning. Just get in touch if you would like to discuss options. 

How Much Time Do I Need To Capture The Getting Ready?

There are a few factors to consider when calculating the time needed for capturing the Getting Ready. How many people are going to be there? When will the makeup artist and hairdresser get to work? How many hours have you booked with me? 

Usually, two hours is a perfect timeframe for bridal prep as it allows me to capture the setting and mood, the beautiful details, you (and the bridesmaids) getting the finishing touches of hair and makeup done, you putting on the dress, as well as lots of candid moments in between. 

Depending on where and when the groom gets ready, I will need to leave for some time in the middle or begin with the groom. Simply keep that in mind when creating the schedule. Having a few extra minutes at the end of each of your Getting Ready sessions to take portraits of you individually before heading out really helps, too. 

We can always work with less time, but please note this often means some things have to fall by the wayside if the schedule gets delayed.

Bridal Prep 1.5-2 hours

Groom Prep 1 hour 

(Not including travel time between locations if possible) 


Detail Shots

Often the Getting Ready starts with me taking detail shots of your dress, shoes, jewellery, suits, rings, cuff links, invitation cards etc. It will save us a lot of time if you’ve already put all these things together in one place, so that I can access them easily and arrange them for some lovely detail shots. Don’t forget to make sure your flowers have been delivered and you have nice wooden coat hangers that twist at the top and not flimsy plastic ones. Lads make sure all your suits are out of bags and shirts are ironed.

If you have any nice sentimental details or any thing you want photos of, please throw them in there too.  


sit by the window

When you get your hair and makeup done, please make sure you sit by a window facing outside. This guarantees the best light for the photographs. Your makeup artist and hairdresser surely won’t mind, as they will look for optimum lighting anyway. It will also ensure that your makeup looks just right in the daylight. It's great if the bride starts getting her makeup done around the time I am going to arrive.



If you have a gifts for your each other or your wedding party it can be a really lovely moment to capture so perhaps wait for me to arrive before opening. I do love a few tears. 



Having lots of people around in the morning can get very busy. Things take longer than anticipated and you will have a hard time relaxing and taking it all in. My advice would be to choose a handful of your favourite humans to share these precious first hours of the day with and give the rest of your beloved friends a big hug as soon as you see them later in the day. Unless that is your vibe, then more the merrier.



If you have wee ones getting ready with you please make sure they are woken from their naps well ahead of schedule so they can settle into the routine of the day. It can be overwhelming for them and take a wee while to adjust before getting ready. 


Stay Hydrated and Eat

It's easy to get caught up in the excitement, but remember to drink water and eat something light to keep your energy up throughout the day as well as a little bit of Champagne or Whiskey for the lads.



It can be quite lovely doing a first look with your dad or both parents if they haven't seen your dress as well as your bridesmaids. I like to do these separately so it's a nice intimate moment between both parties and it's easier to catch everyones expressions.

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