Wedding Party & Couple Shoot

Wedding Party 30min (Not including travel time) 

Heck yeah you’re married or have had your first look, now its time to hang out wth your lovely wedding party and have some fun! 

The first thing to decide on is your photo locations. Are you staying onsite or are we hopping in the cars and heading off somewhere. If you arent sure just get in touch and I’ll tell you the best spots or scout somewhere new.

One hour is usually great, not including the drive to and from the venue (if necessary). Depending on the flow of your day it can also make sense to split the session into parts. We might do a session during cocktail hour head out once more in the evening to catch some of that warm, glowing sunset light. 

Couple Shoot - 30min

This is when we ditch your bridal party they can either join your guests for drinks or hangout with a picnic basket nearby. It's a nice chance for you two to enjoy a few quiet moments with each other away from the wedding day buzz. It gives you time to catch your breath, relaxed and enjoy each others company for the first time that day. Whether we go for a little walk not far from the location or drive a few minutes to a stunning mountain view - there is always a great setting to be found and I am convinced it will be beautiful.